Freedom of Speech is one of the most fundamental principles upon which our Country was built. Introduced by the Founding Fathers in the First Amendment of the U. S. Constitution, it contains no ambiguity. Paid for in blood, by thousands of fellow Americans who fought and died so that future generations could possess, cherish, and pass this gift on, it has been vital to the past, present and future of our Great Nation. Yet, in present days it has become one of the most controversial issues and subjects for interpretation.

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cities study need for adult entertainment laws

MASON CITY — Several North Iowa cities have moved to regulate sexually oriented businesses over the past year — most for no reason other than “to be prepared,” said Alan Kemp, executive director of the Iowa League of Cities.

“Many cities have realized that by the time they have a business that wants to open, it’s almost too late” to place regulatory safeguards, said Kemp.

Kemp said he has not seen any appreciable increase in adult entertainment businesses in the state — from strip clubs to adult bookstores. Cities, he added, are cautious when it comes to such establishments.

“If there is a particular situation in one community, or even the rumor of a business coming, that might trigger a city looking at creating an ordinance,” he said.

The Hampton and Garner City Councils have moved to adopt ordinances in recent months; Clear Lake adopted its ordinance less than a year ago, said City Administrator Scott Flory.

Clear Lake officials have already seen their new law tested. In June, a bar owner opted to have a wet T-shirt contest. City officials said it was in violation of its ordinance and that Alan Slater, owner of The Marina, was operating without a license, required by the more

Friday, July 18, 2008

Judge Strikes Down L.A. Ordinance in Landmark Adult Retail Case

Judge Strikes Down L.A. Ordinance in Landmark Adult Retail Case

Trial court sides with Alameda Books on 1st Amendment

By: Mark Kernes

Posted: 07/18/2008

LOS ANGELES - It's been just over six years since the U.S. Supreme Court decided City of Los Angeles v. Alameda Books, the ground-breaking case that established an adult retailer's right to challenge alleged adverse secondary effects evidence in court. But the opinion in that case included a remand to the trial court to reconsider its previous summary judgment in light of the high court's ruling, and now, it has.

"What the judge said, as I read it," said First Amendment attorney Clyde DeWitt, for plaintiffs Alameda Books and Beverly Books, "is, remember that this was a motion for summary judgment, except now, the Supreme Court has said that for the ordinance to stand requires evidence; it's not just on the face of the ordinance and the studies underlying the ordinance when they first passed it." more

New Contraceptives in the United States 2008 Report

Last update: 11:00 a.m. EDT July 18, 2008

DUBLIN, Ireland, Jul 18, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the "Contraceptives in the United States 2008" report to their offering.
About this report
The U.S. market for OTC contraceptives is in great demand, thanks to growing populations of young consumers who are the most likely to use contraceptives, but also due to an increased emphasis on pleasure, with personal lubrication and sexual enhancement products showing rapid growth. Mintel explores the current climate in the U.S. with in-depth analysis of the following:
-- How manufacturer emphasis on sensitivity and pleasure has fueled sales, and how merchandising of sexual aids in mainstream drug chains has helped fuel sales of condoms
-- The competitive context provided by advertising for oral prescription contraceptives and the use of OTC Plan B
-- How ambivalence toward pregnancy and decreased fear of STDs are negatively impacting sales
-- The dominance of drug stores in the market
-- Analysis of branding and advertisement from leading suppliers, including conventional outlets, promotions, and online positioning
-- Which condom lines are gaining and which are failing
-- Condom usage in the GBLT community and opportunities for advancing sales in this high-use demographic
-- New product development
There are 91 countries covered in this report.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

AT ODDS WITH COUNTY: Adult club fights for its license

By David Kihara

It's not hard to see why the Libertine club in Las Vegas has been raising some eyebrows since it opened in February. It's an adult club that boasts, among other things, a bondage studio, various fetish nights and a boutique that sells toys hard to describe in detail in a mainstream newspaper.

The club's owner, Edward Hurt, said the club attracts hundreds of people who are interested in "alternative lifestyles." Hurt said he offers customers a safe haven where they can freely express their more

Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Sex Toy Review Blog Launches

New Sex Toy Review Blog Launches
Promising expertise and a commitment to serious sex toy reviews, the new blog has launched.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Medium

July 6, 2008
The New YorkTimes

In 1996, as Hollywood was lionizing the pornographer Larry Flynt as the author of the real sexual revolution, the Internet was trying to decide what to do about porn.

It was not an either-or question. After all, data could instantly be conveyed at low cost across vast distances, from traceless studios to private lairs. Pornography was bound to ride this network. Observers accepted it as axiomatic: technology and pornography — from the printing press, to photography, magazines, film and videotape — always evolve in tandem. “Sometimes the erotic has been a force driving technological innovation,” John Tierney wrote in The Times in 1994. “Virtually always, from Stone Age sculpture to computer bulletin boards, it has been one of the first uses for a new medium.” more

Obscenity trial?

Lawrence G. Walters
July 7, 2008

American attorney Lawrence G. Walters explains his revolutionary tactic of using Google Trends to protect a porn site owner from obscenity charges

Since June 2006, prosecutors in and around the southern hamlet town of Milton, Florida, have vigorously pursued obscenity-based criminal racketeering and money laundering charges against Clinton McCowen, based on his ownership and operation of an adult website.
The State of Florida, like many other American states (and the federal government) authorises the use of racketeering or “RICO” laws against businesses profiting from the distribution of allegedly obscene more

Monday, July 7, 2008

July brings bumper crop of new laws

By PoliticsInColor News Staff
Mon, 07/07/2008
By Pauline Vu, Staff Writer

As of July 1, Colorado gamblers who are deadbeat parents will see their winnings diverted to pay unpaid child support, drivers in California and Washington state can no longer use hand-held cell phones in transit and people who attend animal fights in Virginia risk felony charges.
This is a sampling of the hundreds of new laws that take effect July 1, the beginning of the fiscal year for 46 states. Among the more widespread issues targeted in these laws are the behavior of young drivers, illegal immigration, registration of sex offenders and the sale of alcohol.
Two states are introducing first-in-the-nation laws to crack down on deadbeat parents and delinquent taxpayers — if they also happen to be lucky gamblers. Several states already have laws to seize lottery winnings from parents delinquent on their child-support payments, but Colorado is the first to take earnings from slots (if winnings reach at least $1,200) and from racetracks (at least $600) more

Friday, July 4, 2008

'Swingtown' recap: Free love? Groovy! Free-thinking women? No way!

By Amanda Hamilton
July 04, 2008

CBS’s new drama "Swingtown" sends us swinging in to the 1970s, where women are free thinkers and there is free love all around.
The series focuses on the lives of three suburban couples. Susan and Bruce Miller (Molly Parker and Jack Davenport) are a typical suburban family who move across town when Bruce lands a new job.
There they meet Trina and Tom Decker (Lana Parrilla and Grant Show), a swinging couple who introduced Susan and Bruce to their lifestyle.
Lastly, are Janet and Roger Thompson (Miriam Shor and Josh Hopkins). The Thompsons are a very close-minded couple. Janet is having a hard time dealing with her best friend’s move and new friends, while Roger can’t believe his best friends are experimenting. ... read more