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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

City Refuses John Cornetta's Donation Toward Firetruck

By Eddie Adams, AVN Media Network

Posted: 7:46 AM PST Oct 24, 2007

JOHNS CREEK – The city of Johns Creek has refused from Love Shack owner John Cornetta's $3,000 charitable donation towards the purchase of a new firetruck.

Cornetta offered the contribution to the Fulton County Fire Department in memory of fallen firefighter Felix Roberts, who died in a local fire in May. Cornetta also donated money to Roberts’ family members.

Johns Creek and Fulton County have had a longstanding legal battle with Cornetta and his chain of Love Shack adult stores. Cornetta has taken the case all the way to the 11th Circuit, and Johns Creek has now filed its own lawsuit against The Love Shack in state court in an attempt to the shut down the store.

“I know they don't like me,” Cornetta told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “But they're not stopping me. I'll buy a firetruck and man it with volunteers.”

Cornetta said the money spent by the city in the legal battle against his store, could have been better utilized.

Johns Creek Mayor Mike Bodker told the Journal-Constitution that legal counsel has advised the city not to take money from an entity that it contends is operating illegally.

“That's enough in itself,” Bodker said. “I don't care to worry about his motives one way or the other.”