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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Georgia City Passes Adult Business Moratorium

By Eddie Adams, AVN Media Network

Posted: 12:00 AM PST Dec 27, 2006

Even though there are no strip clubs in the Georgia city, the Alpharetta City Council passed a resolution Monday declaring a 60-day moratorium on applications for adult businesses, according to a recently published report. The moratorium is designed to give City Attorney Sam Thomas time to review Alpharetta's ordinances to make sure they could effectively fence in any future applicants.
Retailers such as the Love Shack’s John Cornetta have evaluated the town for possible sites a few years ago, but gave up after finding the city lacked any good locations.
"Now it's too close to [the Love Shack] in Johns Creek," Cornetta told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "But it doesn't matter. I could knock down any ordinance they come up with."
According to the report, no one formally asked for the review, but City Councilwoman Debbie Gibson said she thought it would be a good idea.

"Every once in a while something like this comes along and we feel like it's a good idea to take a look at it," Gibson told reporters.
Alpharetta's ordinances tightly restrict the location of any adult establishments, limiting them to light industrial zoning areas, which are almost nonexistent in Alpharetta.
According to the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, the laws also spell out limitations on the proximity adult businesses may have to schools, day care facilities and churches, and to each other.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Love Shack Remains Open Despite Legal Opposition

By David Sullivan , AVN Media Network

Posted: 12:00 AM PST Dec 11, 2006

Adult retailer John Cornetta has won the latest round in the battle over his new 10,000 square-foot Love Shack emporium.
“They [Fulton County authorities] were going to arrest me this morning and padlock the doors,” Cornetta told “But the state Superior Court judge sided with me. Anybody who knows me knows that when it comes to censorship and First Amendment rights, I love a fight."
Cornetta opened the Love Shack on Nov. 29, despite the county’s refusal to grant him a business license. “There’s a law that gives you 30 days in which to apply for a license, so we’re in compliance with the law,” he explained. “I’ve also made sure that only 17 percent of my retail space was [devoted to] adult material – magazines, videos, toys. But they still refused to give me a license.”
The county plans to prosecute Cornetta in federal court, while the city of Johns Creek has indicated it will also take action to shut down the store. “I’m expecting another round of motions,” Cornetta remarked. “Johns Creek was just recently declared a city [on Dec. 1], and they still haven’t established all the rules. If I can prove that the store has been open prior to the establishment of the city, I might get grandfathered in.”
Cornetta notes that public reaction has been overwhelmingly in favor of the store – and business is brisk.
“We have a million dollars in inventory in this store, and a half-million in build-out,” he said. “It’s the largest store of its kind in Georgia. I’ve been all over the country to many different adult stores, and a lot of them are really impressive, but this one is the nicest I’ve seen.”