Freedom of Speech is one of the most fundamental principles upon which our Country was built. Introduced by the Founding Fathers in the First Amendment of the U. S. Constitution, it contains no ambiguity. Paid for in blood, by thousands of fellow Americans who fought and died so that future generations could possess, cherish, and pass this gift on, it has been vital to the past, present and future of our Great Nation. Yet, in present days it has become one of the most controversial issues and subjects for interpretation.

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Friday, June 27, 2008

You Tube - Pro-Porn

These videos are generally pro-porn and are included in order for people to be able to examine both sides of the issues so that they have the full picture and can decide for themselves.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

WIA Profile: Diane Duke

WIA Profile: Diane Duke
In conjunction with XBIZ, Women in Adult profiles different professional women within the industry. WIA feels that over the years there have been some amazing female professionals in the adult industry, and it is time to spotlight their career accomplishments, demonstrated dedication and great strides in the community.

Under the same gun

Under the Same Gun
In recent years, adult entertainment and video gaming have exploded into multi-billion dollar business sectors, largely driven by the rapid technological developments that enable both industries. Because of that success and the attention being paid to these two industries as a result, opponents of video games and pornography have been given new cause to fret — and new inspiration to pepper their legislators with letters.

ICANN Relaxes Rules for Top-Level Domain Names

Ruling could spark domain name boom.
Sherri L. Shaulis
Posted: 06/26/2008PARIS - The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers unanimously agreed Thursday to relax restrictions on domain names, as well as agreed to seek public comment on doing away with language barriers in domain names. more

Beijing's first adult shop is 15

The Asian Pacific Post
June 26 2008

Fifty-year-old Wen Jingfeng has been interviewed many times by Chinese and foreign media, but he still feels self-conscious posing for pictures.
However, the Beijinger is completely relaxed talking about his shop: Beijing Adam & Eve Health Centre – the first adult shop in the Chinese mainland, founded in 1993.
Located on East Fuchengmen Road in Beijing’s Xicheng district, the 20-square-metre shop sells contraceptives, pregnancy tests, aphrodisiacs and sex toys.
The adult products are displayed in showcases. Two sales women dressed in white gowns are polite, but leave customers to choose products on their own.
In the 1990s, Wen’s shop was described as "a symbol of China’s opening and reforms." He was considered more of a celebrity than a more

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Calderon Drops Proposed Calif. Porn Tax from 25% to 8.3%

Calderon Drops Proposed Calif. Porn Tax from 25% to 8.3%
Assemblyman Charles Calderon (D-City of Industry) has revised his tax proposal to tax the adult industry in California, dropping the rate from the previous 25 percent to 8.3 percent.

Calderon Reduces Proposed Porn Tax

Amended bill scales back adult entertainment tax to 8.3 percent
By: David Sullivan
SACRAMENTO - Assemblyman Charles Calderon (D-City of Industry) has reduced his proposed California state tax on adult entertainment to 8.3 percent in the latest version of the bill submitted last Thursday.
The bill originally called for a 25 percent tax on adult entertainment, including porn videos, strip clubs and other goods and services. The proposal met with strong opposition from Republicans as well as adult industry lobbyists who denounced the measure as selective more

Monday, June 23, 2008

Critical Sexology (UK)

Backlash: Uphold the Human Rights Act

Backlash was created in 2005 by the Libertarian Alliance, the Spanner Trust, the Sexual Freedom Coalition, Feminists against Censorship, Ofwatch and Unfettered to collate evidence for an informed debate on censorship and to fight plans to criminalise ownership of material the Home Office finds abhorrent.

Censorship law

For the first time in the western world, when extreme image clauses come into effect in January 2009 it will be illegal for anyone in England and Wales - but not Scotland - to possess such an image.

The Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill received Royal Assent on Thursday 8th May 2008. According to a letter from the Ministry of Justice to backlash, the government will kindly provide further guidance nearer January.

Click here for the Official Backflash site

sex and the law: how does it affect you?

by John Illman and Rachel Newcombe

What is the age of consent? How old do you have to be before you can legally go into a sex shop and buy a vibrator?

When it comes to sex and the law, knowing what you can and can't do, and when, is crucial. With recent trends such as the increased use of the Internet, the rising number of sex shops and changing attitudes towards pornography, the need for a modernized law of sexual behaviour became more pressing. In 2003 the Government updated the Sexual Offences Act to reflect current, rather than Victorian, attitudes to sex. The new Act focuses on aspects previously overlooked by the law and introduces new changes that aim to protect the vulnerable and iron out any gender differences.

This is a guide to many of the major issues and offers an insight into how sex is viewed in the eyes of the law:

age of consent (including advice on teacher-pupil relationships)
medical confidentiality and the under-16s
rape and indecent assault
indecent exposure or 'flashing'
'peeping toms'
illicit sex within the family
discrimination and the law

Presidential Election 2008

The Future of SEX

Lucrezia Magazine
Written by FCK

With all the new media attention on consent and the misinterpretation of sexual experience as rape, I suspect the next step will be ‘consent forms’ – having to sign a document as proof of agreement to participate in sexual relations of any kind. Or perhaps our society will become a judgemental law system that does not allow for diversity in sexuality and sexual experience. A possible direction for the future may be protectionism, interventionism or regulation by a “Nanny State” or a “Totalitarian” society which enforces excessive protection, perceiving adults as corruptible, na├»ve and unable to make any decision.With Section 28, “books, plays, leaflets, films or any other material showing gay relationships as normal” were banned. This was overturned after much campaigning, but showed that even in our time prejudice and judgement are still strong. Going back 20 years, S/M was still an underground thing, mysterious and dark; today, however, simple sex shops such as the mainstream Ann Summers sell toys for S/M and bondage. The programme “Sexcetera” shows every aspect of an S/M lifestyle, from bondage to fetish. So it is strange how S/M is simultaneously viewed as ‘not part of normal society’ – pathological, harmful, evil and insane – even though it is readily available and accessible to all. Sexual behaviour rarely fits neatly into a box imposed by society or religion, and behaviours such as adultery, sexual abuse and serial monogamy are more common than most societies are willing to acknowledge. I believe that this particular law is our society’s way of getting rid of perceived ‘undesirable’ forms of sexual expression by creating a law that targets and highlights practices ‘with no place in this country’. What the law forgets is that sexual liberation is growing, and people who search for a break from the mundane responsibilities of life are escaping to the erotic depths of their minds. Conclusion – Some Suggestions for Improving the Bill In my opinion, a shake-up of the justice system is urgently needed to correctly sentence criminals who act out sexual/mental/physical abuse, murder, child abuse etc to longer jail times and harsher punishments. This should replace the harsh sentencing of people who commit minor offences such as not paying a council tax bill or speeding. If the ‘violent pornography’ law must go through, then there should be clear definition of who the law is trying to get rid of, and who it is trying to protect. There should be changes such as the removal of the proposal to place names on the sex offenders register, as I feel that the images referred to are by no means the same or related to child abuse or sexual abuse. There should be explanation of how those enforcing this law will find the criminals and identify non-consensual acts of abuse. If consent is the issue, perhaps legal documents are needed for all participants to sign for protection in case of investigation. These suggestions could help defend those who could be targeted if the laws proposal goes through.

The Feminist Carnival of Sexual Freedom and Autonomy

There is a new feminist carnival on the web that focuses on sexual freedom and autonomy. It is one of the first on its kind in the world of sex blogging, one that aims to encourage discussion and promotion of issues that are pertinent to contemporary sexuality and autonomy.Sex positive feminism (also known as sex radical feminism, pro-sex feminism and sexually liberal feminism) evolved in the early 1980's, out of a need to discuss issues relating to sex work and sexual enjoyment. It also evolved to address the issues raised by anti-pornography feminism. The new movement also collided with the anti-pornography feminists, leading to the Feminist Sex Wars, which is viewed as the event that heralded the end of second wave feminist era.The Feminist Carnival of Sexual Freedom and Autonomy was organized by Caroline with the assistance of a diverse group of writers and bloggers, and each edition will be hosted by individual bloggers and writers. The first edition was hosted by Caroline, and the current edition is hosted by Meghan Rose at her blog, Labyrinth Walk.

Some Novelty Manufacturers Still Waiting On 5th Circuit Sales

Is is safe to sell sex toys in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi?
Mark Kernes

NEW ORLEANS - Concerned adult novelty manufacturers are wondering if it's safe to sell so-called "obscene devices" in the Fifth Federal Circuit - Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi - since the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has yet to decide if or when it will reconsider its ruling in Reliable Consultants, Inc. v. more

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Stop threatening to put kids in jail for sex!

The Moderate Voice
June 22nd, 2008

Flummoxed, I hardly know where to start. Count me among those who believe locking up kids won’t do any good. It will do great harm! And I know just a little bit about the topic. I live in a town with six state prisons — prisons are economic development in rural towns like mine — and I sit on the advisory board of the youth prison. I invite anyone who thinks a young person convicted of consensual sex belongs in a prison to go visit one!
For God’s sake, do you really think the punishment fits the crime?
But let’s just say for a minute that you do. I promise you, you put that kid in that prison and he (or she) is going to come out a prisoner. There are real prisoners, real criminals, in there! What have you done? Made another prisoner! And what has it cost you? Prisons are expensive! Fortunately, most of the law enforcement professionals I know understand that. Apparently it’s the politicians — and the public — who don’t!


Friday, June 20, 2008

Love Shack owner John Cornetta continues to battle Johns Creek over zoning

Impeached Magazine
June, 2008
By Holly Clay

When speaking to John Cornetta, the 43-year-old CEO of Cornetta Enterprises, it is easy to become intoxicated by his sly since of humor and nonchalant attitude. His arrogance is refreshing, and you find yourself enamored by him; wanting to sit for hours and listen to stories about how he parties with celebrities, the business deals he’s closed, how he met his wife, Irina, and of course, how he likes to “pop bottles” of champagne and enjoy a good table dance every now and then...
read more

The Fallacy of Government Claims

Lucrezia Magazine
Written by FCK

The declaration that by “reducing demand” and “cut[ting] violent porn from our society” they will somehow stop further crimes is a foolish one, as there will always be crimes, no matter what laws are passed. Statements such as “these images are extremely offensive to the vast majority” and “have no place in our society” give the impression of an ‘us’ and ‘them’ mentality that dumps people who view certain pictures into the same category as child abusers and other sex criminals. Those found to be guilty of possession of material deemed ‘violent pornography’ will be treated as sex criminals, and sent to prison for a number of years.
The demand for such images will not be reduced by a law; instead it will go underground, as has happened with child abuse rings. Rape happens regardless of laws; people commit actual assault and abusive sexual acts in spite of the reduction of demand for images found on the internet. Murder will always occur, regardless of any modification in a law – it is the criminal judgement and sentence system that needs changing to mete out harsher punishment to real criminals.
People who engage in alternative sexual habits are often in adult, loving, private relationships with other emotionally stable, competent, intelligent individuals. They make informed decisions in a secure environment, negotiating an encounter or the recreation of a fantasy safely, with or without intense sensory stimulation. If this law is passed these people could be condemned and sentenced, including the possibility of having their names added to the sex offenders register, all for possessing material that might conform to the government’s hazy definition of ‘violent pornography’.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

John Cornetta Recoginzed in Top 25 Legal Crusaders

June 1, 2008
AVN - 25th Anniversary Issue

John Cornetta named as one of the
top 25 Legal Crusaders of the last
quarter century in this month's
AVN - 25th Anniversary Issue.

See the Article

Extreme Ritual in Other Cultures

Lucrezia Magazine
Written by FCK

According to Law Society/BMA documentation: “An individual is presumed to be competent or to have mental capacity to enter into a particular transaction, until the contrary is proved” (1995). Therefore, with regard to ‘sexual violence’, a person must be proven not to be of sound mind in order for consent to be considered invalid. Equally, the phrases ‘extreme perversion’ and ‘brutal, abusive and violent’ are all relative. Take for example the customs and rituals of other cultures, which include ceremonial acts of religion. For instance -
One Thai ritual involves people striking their backs with blades , knives and swords, walking on hot coals , scrubbing their lips and tongues with blades till bloody and even climbing ladders made of sharp blades for good fortune in the year ahead.
The Native American Sun Dance features a dancer being pierced in the chest or back, attached to a sacred tree and then pulling until the piercing rips free.
In the Hindu Kavadi, people wear cages of spears and hooks or even pull religious effigies by hooks in their skin.
Just because it is something we don’t understand, we do not have the right to brand a particular ritual, body modification or brutal-looking image as ‘extreme perversion’. Some people believe that the act of sadomasochism is more an expression of a person’s spiritual ritual, or even a form of guided meditation that provides emotional release from inner pain; others use it as an inner journey, or an endorphin rush much the same as an athlete feels after exertion from exercise. In rape fantasies, the focus is on the feeling of having no control, and the direct difference between fantasy and reality is that ‘nobody wants to be raped, and you cannot rape the willing’. The ethos of BDSM practice is freedom from inhibitions through escapism, appreciation of trust and respect for another person, but instead of embracing those qualities, the government deems such practices ‘extreme perversion’.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

SU Newhouse dean named to help pick Playboy First Amendment award winners

by Matt Michael
Wednesday June 11, 2008, 5:43 PM

Syracuse University's David M. Rubin says he's thrilled to be a judge for the Playboy Foundation's First Amendment Awards -- but not because of any potential perks."No, there's no Playboy Mansion in my future," Rubin said, chuckling. "Nor would I know what to do with it anymore."Rubin, 63, is the dean of the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. He was recently named one of the judges who'll pick the winners of the 2008 Hugh M. Hefner First Amendment Awards, which were established by Christie Hefner to honor people who have helped protect First Amendment more

Playboy Foundation Announces Judges for 2008 Hugh M. Hefner First Amendment Awards

CHICAGO, June 11 --The Playboy Foundation today announced the distinguished panel of civil liberties advocates who will choose the winners of the 2008 Hugh M. Hefner First Amendment Awards -- including the first-ever winner of the Freedom of Expression Award, a $25,000 seed grant to fund the work of a noteworthy advocate for the First more

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Myth of ‘Protecting’ Women

Lucrezia Magazine
Written by FCK

One of the arguments in favour of this law is that women need protecting from men who commit crimes against them. This attitude is dated and incorrect, being based on the assumption that women are weak, abused people. Every gender is at risk from being harmed emotionally, physically and mentally, but this proposed law will not protect them – only information and guidance will. The government’s assumption that only heterosexual couples are involved in intense sensory stimulation shows their lack of understanding of the diverse range of people included in this lifestyle – from heterosexual to homosexual, pansexual, transsexual and everything in between, including poly relationships. My personal relationship within this lifestyle is with a female partner, where we participate in privates experiences that could be seen as ‘violent; and ‘abusive’, if perhaps a single image of our interaction was recorded. From an outside viewpoint, even some sex scenes could be misconstrued as ‘violent’ if a single frame was taken. This simply proves that images are not always what they seem, and there is much scope for errors in judgement. My partner and I could be targeted and dragged through media attention and slander if an image was released and misapprehended, possibly affecting our future work and bringing down family disgrace. The law needs clearer definitions of who they are protecting, including ways of finding evidence.
Information available on the Internet, including images, gives us guidance on how to correctly and safely take part in private emotional and physical connections through the powerful evocation of the senses. People who wish to participate in a fantasy recreation of intense sensory stimulation should have access to information on relevant safety issues. Fantasy can be a way of working out past issues in a secure environment, perhaps by borrowing images from films, books or art, and in the correct circumstances it can be a healthy expression of sexuality. People involved in these practices learn together and discuss and debate the safety issues of participating in such an experience, and also recognize a safe signal which can be used to convey to a partner that something is wrong. Adults do not need protection, the need knowledge and access to information so they can make their own decisions and decide on their own courses of action. Typically it is the submissive who controls and limits BDSM interaction to ‘This far and no further’, not the dominant – which completely contradicts the psychology of abuse. Within any arbitrarily selected group of people you will find someone who was abused but survived; however, that should not imply that if you take a cross-section of the population, those members of society who are involved in BDSM are always abuse victims.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Vacaville's Secrets: Market, time will tell


Secrets, Vacaville's new lingerie/adult toy store, couldn't have bought better advertising than it has received since opening on Friday night, just minutes before the City Council enacted an emergency moratorium on adult businesses.
A retail chain that few had heard of, and which might have opened quietly and closed soon after for lack of sales, is now known throughout the region, thanks to an alarm sounded by some residents and amplified by a City Council that reached once again for what is becoming an all-too-often-used tool, the more

Lovers changing location, adding space

Jun, 4, 2008

Lovers, which sells adult toys and accessories and has stores throughout the Puget Sound region, is moving from its location on Telegraph Road to a larger space on Meridian Street, near Whatcom Community more

Monday, June 2, 2008

Spokane Hempfest 2008

Hosted By: Ryan Ballou
When: Saturday Aug 02, 2008
at 10:00 PM
Where: Spokane Hempfest
Hi Bridge Park
Spokane, Washington48 99204
United States
Ryan Ballou

Click Here To View Event

Gay Rights Demonstration: Moscow Arrests

Monday, 02 June 2008

Gay Russians waving placards and rainbow flags demonstrated in central Moscow on Sunday in defiance of an official ban on gay pride events and abuse from far-right opponents.

The annual pride demonstration had been outlawed by Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov, who has dubbed gay pride events "Satan's work," reflecting a strain of Russian society that remains suspicious of liberal values.

A police spokesman told AFP 36 people had been arrested at the event at which Russian Orthodox and far-right opponents hurled eggs at gay activists and, in one instance, were seen punching a gay man to the ground.

Those arrested were mainly opponents of the pride event rather than gay activists -- suggesting police were keen to minimise trouble rather than strictly enforce the more

Sunday, June 1, 2008

On Hanging Together

June 2008
AVN - 25th Anniversary Issue

Okay; get ready now, because this takes a little thought, even if the words don't really match up in your mind (i know they don't in mine). but here goes: For "Communists", substitute "Extreme Associates". For 'trade unionists', substitute "Max Hardcore". For "Jews" substitute "Evil Angel Productions". And for "me", substitute "[insert your name here]". more